Minimum standards are the base standards that all General Members must meet. These standards were developed by a team of experts with advisory from survivors working in residential service.

When an agency chooses to become a General Member, they must go through the membership review process. This is a 3-step process:

1. The agency will submit the necessary documentation.

2. Once documentation has been submitted, it will be reviewed along with an assessment of the agency’s website and social media content. Any feedback that the review panel finds will be brought to the attention of the agency.

3. Once the documentation has been assessed, there will be a 1 hour phone or video interview.

After the interview, the review panel will make final decisions on whether the agency has met the minimum standards and will offer any feedback. When complete, the agency will get the official Alliance Member seal to prove they have met the minimum standards. General members will need to be reevaluated every two years to ensure that they continue to maintain the minimum standards.

In order to be a GENERAL member with the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance, you must have an open facility and consent and adhere to the following requirements:

Agencies that are unable to meet these standards or currently working to meet these standards can join as an Associate Member or contact with questions or concerns.