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Garden Gate Ranch was birthed out of a heart of compassion and a stand against social injustice. We have been praying and working diligently to see our (God's) dream come into existence. GGR will have a three-phase program to serve sex trafficked and exploited women 18 and over with their children four and under.

Phase one we plan to open an immediate emergency/safe house that will house women with or without children to get them off the street and to safety. GGR will provide the basic care services and evaluate what is needed and help her get to her next step. This is a short term home up to 90 days. This is called "The Pathway House".

Phase two is our continuing restoration home called "The Ranch". This home will be for residents and their children for up to two years say. This will be a home with many opportunities for her to heal, grow, and prayerfully discover her purpose. We will have on sight counseling, education opportunities,  many therapies such as equine therapy, gardening, dance, music, and art to mention a few. 

Phase three will be independent housing which we call "The Cottages". We plan to build cottages for women to transition into to spread their wings. Our goal is to give her independents and support until she is ready to move on in her time. We will continue to provide counseling, therapy, childcare, and support.

Garden Gate Ranch received it's 501(c)(3) status in July 2017 and hired our first part-time development director in November 2017 by faith. March 2018 we held our first Gala fundraiser. After the Gala, our development director went to full-time status. April 2019 we held our 2nd Annual Gala and we were able to purchase our property with nearly 15 acres, 7,000 square feet home and another building that will become our offices and education center. This property will be the phase two program "The Ranch". GGR staff and volunteers have been renovating the home and we plan to open early 2020.

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